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July 2018

Are your users self-sufficient when it comes to accessing the SmartLists they need?
Have mission critical data that really should “live” in GP but currently doesn’t?

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Thursday, July 19th at 11:00 am EST

Join Integrated Business Group and eOne Solutions for a webinar that will help your users learn about SmartView and Extender.

Are your users self-sufficient when it comes to accessing the SmartLists they need? Do you have users that need to see SmartLists, but really don’t need to access GP? Join this session and you’ll:

  1. Learn how you can cut out expensive GP user licenses and see lists outside of GP with SmartView.
  2. See user-friendly functionality – like unlimited filters, moving & adding columns, seeing multiple lists at once, viewing totals to screen and more.
  3. Understand how giving users the tools they need to access their own data frees your IT resources up to focus on more important issues.

Have mission critical data that really should “live” in GP but currently doesn’t? Extender allows you to make a “home” for that data – by letting you create custom windows, forms and applications right in GP without writing code. In the session you’ll:

  1. Learn why you should use a solution in GP over custom code.
  2. View the set-up of an Extender window – from start to finish.
  3. Understand how to report off Extender once your data is stored there.
  4. Ask advice on possible data to store in Extender.

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 How to Copy/Paste GL Transactions from Excel to Microsoft Dynamics GP in 4 Easy Steps

Using Microsoft Dynamics GP and Excel are a powerful combination for any finance team. Many of our clients are asking about the steps to copy and paste General Ledger transactions from Excel into Dynamics GP. Here is the process in four simple steps.

1. Setup your excel sheet with the four columns below in the exact order as they appear below.

  • Account Description –required column. This will be your 3rd line reference.
  • Account – General Ledger account number.
  • Debit – transaction debit amount for the corresponding account.
  • Credit – transaction credit amount for the corresponding account.
  • Alias –can be added if Analytical Accounting is used but it is not a required column. 2.
2. Copy the data from the Excel spreadsheet. Ensure that you don’t copy the column headings, otherwise, you will receive an error when you paste the journal entries into the Financial Transaction Entry window. (CTRL+C)

3. Open the Financial Transaction Entry window by going to Financial >> Transaction >> General and you must enter the following:
  • Transaction type (standard or reversing)
  • Transaction date
  • Source Document code
  • Reference
  • Currency ID
4. Once the above are filled in. Go to PASTE and it will accept your entry. There is a validation report that is run. You cannot have any Trx lines with zero in both the debit and credit. It will reject these. Make your corrections to your sheet. Re-copy and it will paste.

Troubleshooting If you get a “Not Privileged” to run this report go to the following in Security.
Mark off the ‘GL Transaction Past Validation Report’ And you should be able to run the report. Remember that if the user is logged in, they must log out and back in to have access to this report.

Creating PowerApps and connecting them to Dynamics 365

In this video we look at how to create a power app, and connect to the Dynamics 365 instance. We talk about some of the basic commands available and how to work with them.

Check out the video below to learn more.

As always, please Contact our Sales Team with any questions or to schedule a demo.
You can also call us at 407-677-0370.
Are you still missing out on all of the new and improved features in Dynamics GP2018?

Here are five reasons to upgrade today:

  1. Better support – After five years, every version of Dynamics GP moves to Microsoft’s Extended Support plan. At this point, you’ll have to pay for any on-going support or non-security updates you may need and that eliminates your ability to request changes to GP’s design and features.
  2. Tighter security – Data security should be a top priority for any business, especially when it comes to your financial data. Unfortunately, you’re more likely to experience a security breach on a version of GP that is no longer under Mainstream Support. With Microsoft’s support of Dynamics GP 2018, you’re protected from bugs and threats, giving you greater peace of mind.
  3. Business Process Automation enhancements – Dynamics GP 2018 has been upgraded to include workflows to control spend management and electronic signatures with integrated organization hierarchy approvals to streamline your business processes.
  4. Keeps you compliant – Older versions of GP may no longer be compliant with current tax laws and accounting best practices, creating a legal liability for your organization.
  5. Anytime, anywhere access – Dynamics GP 2018 can be accessed from the office, on the road, at home, and anywhere in between on a PC or mobile device.

Delaying an upgrade to GP can cost you in the long run. The longer you wait, the harder it is to upgrade your ERP from its current version to the most recent, costing you more time and money. With 300+ enhancements to existing Financial / Operational / HR/Payroll / Project Accounting modules, the decision to upgrade to Dynamics GP 2018 is easier than it's ever been.

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Don't miss out on GPUG Summit Phoenix 2018!!

October 15 - 18     Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix Convention Center

Step out from behind your monitor and take your big ideas and love of knowledge-sharing to GPUG Summit in the fall of 2018. For one week each year, we leave behind the world of net-centered chat to power real-life growth between peers and experts in a lively, engaged environment all community driven. GPUG Summit is the can’t-miss conference for Dynamics GP – join us at the Phoenix Convention Center in 2018!


CRMUG Florida (Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando) Chapter Meeting Q3 2018

August 9, 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM (ET)

Attend this learning and networking opportunity with Dynamics CRM peers. Learn best practices, tips and tricks, and proven results from individual experiences to get the most out of your company's investment.

To get the most out of our chapter, we encourage you to attend whichever Florida meeting is closest to you. But if you cannot attend in person, please consider connecting online or by phone.


    Welcome & Introductions

    Chapter Business, CRMUG News & Events

    Educational Session 

    Networking/Roundtable Discussions

*Agenda and details subject to change.

Audience: All Dynamics CRM users are welcome. Your CRMUG Membership extends to ALL employees at your company, so we encourage you to invite your colleagues and fellow peers. Partner Members are welcome to attend provided they are accompanied by a customer and they can refer to our Code of Conduct for additional guidelines.